There is a strong link between teachers, subject taught, methods of teaching, quality of education, excellence and overall development of children as the future of national development is in the hands of teaching community, it has a great responsibility.



Our Objectives

The main objective of Bhagwati Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya is to improve the standard and quality of teaching. The teacher community plays an important role in educating the youth for national development and character building. Our motto is to train student teachers to become innovative, well disciplined conversant with the latest techniques, aware of the recent changes and dedicated to the field of education. This world helps the upcoming generation to be fully prepared to face the challenges of life. A trained teacher certainly teaches more skillfully and effectively. Quality teaching has more desirable and significant role in shaping the personality and character of students.

From the Desk of Secretary

Bhagwati Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya takes pride in welcoming you all wishes there after becoming trained teachers equipment with excellence skill and trained by scientific method of teaching you will be able to nurture students having all-round development of their personality and a keen faculty of thinking and reasoning through the educational process. Besides you will fulfill the duty assigned to you by the nation more effectively.

The institution has been established in 2005-06 with the specific purpose to equip teachers with improved methods of teaching as needed by the country. Remember that a skilled trained teacher is the foundation stone of the development of the country
The institution has started STC course in July 2006-2007.
The management is committed to provide all facilities of peaceful academic atmosphere including library, laboratory equipment and best faculty.
To make you mentally and physically strong, the college provides facilities for various co-curricular activities like conducting seminars library competition, cultural programs, games and sports events etc.
I extend my good wishes to all students teachers.

Dr. Anil K Sharma